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We provide superior Holiday Park WiFi solutions using Fibre Optic cable, Ethernet and Wireless back-haul.

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What We Do

Our 10 years’ experience in providing Guest WiFi solutions to venues worldwide are now available exclusively to Holiday Parks throughout the UK. We’re going back to our roots to ensure that Holiday Parks are delivering the best solutions to their guests.

We have invested heavily in training and equipment to allow us to deliver unparalleled network speeds to Holiday Park, Caravan Park and other large, outdoor venues. Regardless of building construction and line of sight, we can deliver a network that works.

Guest WiFi

Roaming network with simple , one time registration via email or social logins. Free to use or premium access. Holiday Park Guest WiFi

Residents WiFi

Provides a home from home experience with a secure SSID for each unit allowing multi device access and TV streaming. Residents WiFi for Holiday Parks

Fibre Backhaul

High Speed back haul for superior performance. Rapid 4 Inch trenching with our Kanga TR216. fibre trenching and backhaul


High Definition CCTV solutions that can run on our WiFi and Fibre Network. holiday park cctv

WiFI Servicing

Keep your network running and prolong the life of your equipment. wifi servicing

WiFI Audit

Let us diagnose and advise solutions on your troublesome WiFi installation. WiFi audit

The Affinity WiFi Difference

There are many WiFi installers in the Holiday Park market, some good, some bad. However, they don’t design networks, they use the equipment they are most comfortable with installing, even if it’s the wrong solution. It might work, but it often doesn’t work well.

Here at Affinity WiFi, we don’t like that approach. We’ll design a network that’s fit for purpose, utilises the correct interconnects and works as well as an enterprise network. There is absolutely no point in agreeing to deliver a network that meets -65 dB coverage if it’s not going to work inside the Lodges on site. We’ve seen it many times. Good external coverage, bad coverage in the Holiday Homes.

Affinity WiFi

Internal, low powered access points provide secure, fast WiFi to guests and residents. External Access points provide roaming coverage.

Other Providers

External access points dotted around the park provide poor internal coverage to guests. A single AP outage can affect many users.

We do more than just WiFi

There is more to a wireless network than the access points which is why we offer a range of complimentary services to ensure your network performs reliably and securely.

Mikrotik Consultancy

We are experts in the configuration, troubleshooting and deployment of Mikrotik devices. We hold the highest MTCINE certification. .

Point To Point Links

Provide a cost effective way to link up remote locations such as out buildings and workshops where traditional cabling may be impracticable or too costly. .

Managed Firewall

Keep your guests, staff and data safe with our managed firewall service. Inter-site connections, remote VPN and intrusion detection offered. .

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