Guest WiFi and Venue WiFi Support

Our 24×7 technical support takes care of any issues your guests may have by our UK based, highly competent and courteous support team. We track all calls and over 90 % of all guest’s calls are resolved within ten minutes or less.¬†Affinity WiFi are committed to achieving excellence in customer satisfaction and our team leverages its experience in the areas network support, help desk services, network security, and wireless design & implementation to deliver service excellence.

Key Features:
Our guest network and Wifi Call Center covers the following end user issues:

  • Connecting Mobile Devices
  • General Login Difficulties
  • VPN Support
  • New account Set-up
  • Game System and smart phone access
  • SSID Configuration
  • E-mail Support
  • General Questions regarding Service & Locations
  • Password Changes

Key Benefits:

  • Over 85% of calls are answered within 45 seconds.
  • 94% of Guest Help Desk calls are resolved by our Tier 1 and Tier 2 Support Agents
  • 89% first call resolution with an average talk time of 7 minutes.
  • Trouble Ticket is created for every call with status and updates.
  • Notifications for network devices status changes.
  • ISP line monitoring and trouble ticket creation with notification when line is down.

To add our Guest and Venue offering to your WiFi service please contact us on 01953 202 003 or email