Why Affinity Content Filtering Solutions?

Family friendly content at your holiday venue is a must. Can your brand take the risk should the worse happen? Our content filtering service blocks inappropriate material by category, as well as enforcing Google Safe-Search to ensure that your guests can enjoy safe and secure browsing at all times.

Service Features

No New Hardware. No Software

Eliminate network latency, bottlenecks and points of failure associated with
internet provider’s DNS, traditional appliances and on-premise solutions. Deploy
protection to all your WiFi devices in no time without ever leaving your office.

Safer Internet Experience

To fine tune the filter and to create the ideal policy for your WiFi hotspots
choose from 50+ web filtering categories, covering over 9 million of domains.
Moreover, we enable you to customise filtering to meet specific needs with
white- and blacklists. You can create exceptions to always allow or block specific

Centralized Management & Reporting

Centralise policy configuration for all your networks, locations and devices
through web-based management dashboard. It is accessible 24/7 from
anywhere on the internet. Get detailed reports via web or email.

Detailed statistics

Stats show what websites your users have visited. It helps you to understand
what your users are most interested in. You can even use this information in
generating your own statistics.

Increase Brand Loyalty

Brand your block page with your logo and custom message or make your own
design of the block page.


● Protection for your networks from botnets, phishing and malware resources.
The filtering system prevents possible attacks from the internet as well as
from infected customers’ devices.
● Increased social responsibility of your brand. People will appreciate that you
care about their safety.
● Faster and safer web surfing, free of ads, your guest users are going to like.
● More satisfied customers – families with children are more likely to choose
your safe WiFi hotspots.
● Easy and quick deployment across multiple locations and networks requiring
no software or additional equipment.
● Fine tuned filtering for any number of individual hotspots or entire networks.
● Whitelist-only mode restricts web access to specific domains only.
● Customizable block page – it will look exactly as you find necessary.
● Custom settings managed by an administrator from anywhere on the internet.
● Regulatory compliance achieved with tuning the filtering rules.
● Free trial period helps you test the web filtering service to the full.
● Standard support by sending feedback from our site and by email.

Content filtering is included by default in all of our supported networks and can be retro enabled from just £99.99 per year.  Please contact us to enable AffinitySafe at your venue.