Cambium Wi-Fi Installation at luxury Long Ashes Park in Skipton, Yorkshire

Following a full site survey last year, Long Ashes Park in Skipton has refreshed their site Wi-Fi network with a high performance Cambium cnPilot based system.  The new system distributes the 100MB bandwidth across the Holiday Homes, Leisure Complex and Gamekeepers Inn allowing guests to stay connected whilst enjoying the rural setting of the site.

The Survey.

We carried out an Ekahau site survey using our 7.5M mobile masts to highlight all of the mounting locations required on park whilst maintaining an outside signal level of -65dB.  The WiFi survey identified we would require 13 access points across the park rather than the existing 3 Ubiquiti Bullets that had previously served the venue.


Cambium for the Win.

Cambium cnPilot access points were chosen for the site as they offered comparative performance to the Ruckus access points that had been previously quoted by another provider, yet offered a significant cost reduction.

13 E500 omni-directional access points were installed, along with two sectorised E501 units.  Backhauls were provided by Force2000 GPS synced access points with Cambium Force180 Subscriber Modules.

VLAN Aware fully routed network.

The network is VLAN aware allowing each SSID to tag a different VLAN. This allows us to tailor the guest experience based on the location – for example, a free social login in the retail areas, and a premium paid service across the park.

In addition to the VLANs, the management network is fully routed across our own VPN MPLS network to ensure remote access to individual equipment is always available, and that our in-house PRTG platform can access all SNMP data from onsite equipment without relying on onsite sensors or insecure port forwarding.

Channel Management

Based on the SSID scans we see when installing sites, many providers have no understanding of channel width, channel maps, power output or even line of sight.  Not so with Affinity, we spent a day optimising all back hauls to reduce interference both with neighbouring WiSPS and to eliminate Radar interference that was occasionally detected.

Proactive Management and Monitoring

Using the cnMeastro management platform we are able to monitor and remotely assess all aspects of the network, from backhaul signal strength, radar interference, re transmissions, wireless throughput, mesh status and much more to ensure the network is always running well.

Affinity run their own Telehouse based clusters for both cnMeastro and Ruckus vSCG.

The Affinity Difference.

All Wi-Fi providers are NOT the same.  If you are having problems with your site or wireless network, please contact us via email or the contact form as we’d love to help.