Did your Holiday Park WiFi let you down over the Easter break?

Complaints about the WiFi this Easter?

The first long break of 2017 is always a testing time and is often the pointer that things may not be working as well as expected. WiFi is no different as its usually been inactive throughout the Winter months, open to the ingress of damp and insects. When turned back on, the heating up of the cards can often cause internal condensation resulting in circuit board corrosion.

Then there is the simply matter that guests requirements have changed since the equipment was first installed and it simply may no longer be good enough.

Whatever the reason, Guests are quick to take to TripAdvisor, Pitchup and social media to report on what didn’t work

The Affinity 5 Point WiFi checklist

  • Check all power connections

    Check you have power to each access point. Inspect the Cat5 Cable that runs from the POE injector to the Access point for damage. Check the CAT5 plugs for corrosion, especially the one feeding power from the POE injector.

  • Check Antenna Alignment

    Check that any backhaul links are pointing in the right direction. Check access points are correctly mounted and have not become dislodged by high winds.

  • Check Line of Sight (LOS)

    Check that trees and foilage have not encroached into the Fresnel Zone required for good wireless link stability and speeds and trim back if necassary.

  • Check Mounting Brackets

    Ensure all mounting brackets and poles are still stable and able to securely hold the equipment

  • Confirm Broadband Speeds

    Perform a bandwidth test / speedcheck on the internet line feeding the WiFi to ensure you have the speeds you are expecting. There could be a fault on the line that has gone unnoticed whilst the system was powered down.

Get your WiFi Serviced.

If the above did not help, maybe its time you had your WiFi equipment professionally serviced, including a heat-map of signal and capacity coverage.

The truth is, much of the equipment currently deployed across Holiday Parks in the UK is 5-6 years old and simply not fit for purpose. Providers have come and gone and technology has moved on so quickly that a state of the art system 5 years ago is now simply not able to deal with the quantity of devices and signal noise that can be found on even a small park. 5 Years ago take up of WiFi was about 16% with 1 device per van. Now take-up is as high as 75%, with 4-5 devices per family.

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