Fibre optic and Cambium deployment at Sand Le Mere Holiday Village

Following on from our Ruckus installation at Southfield Farm Holiday Park, this week we have been at Sand Le Mere Holiday Village deploying phase 1 of our total Wi-Fi upgrade plan.  There is an existing Mikrotik and Ubiquiti network already in place which we are slowly phasing out in order to offer enhanced guest services.

400M of High Speed, Low Latency OS2 Fibre

Sand Le Mere Holiday Village, as the name suggests is a big site, comprising of 750+ static vans and unfortunately line of sight is not always possible.  In order to provide immediate improvements, a Non-LOS link was decommission through the installation of two direct fibre links running to Median Way and the Touring Park.  In total, just over 409M of trenching was carried out into which a 63mm flexible ducting was laid and OS2 fibre pulled.   BiDi single fibre SFP modules were utilised, although 4 core fibre was installed allowing for the use of standard 2 core patch leads if required.  Link one was 256M , with the second link being 153 in length.

Through the use of these new fibre links, it is now possible to deliver the full allocation of bandwidth direct to the new access point deployments, rather than the limited 10M that was being pulled over the high latency NLOS link.

Cloud Managed Cambium Enterprise Access Points

In order to improve client access, 13 dual band e500 Omni and e501 sector Cambium access points were deployed over the phase 1 area to delivery a single hop mesh network. There are 4 Mesh root (Cambium Base) nodes , 3 of which were fed by Force200 backhauls to a GPS synced PMP2000 120 degree sector and the last being direct connected to a fibre demarcation by a media converter.  This redundant design allows for single hop meshing and multiple points of failure all whilst maintaining a 1ms ping across the network.

Our hosted cnMaestro is utilised to provide real-time management of the network and deal with auto channel selection, interference channel switching and the pushing and monitoring of AP and Mesh configuration.

In Summary, Affinity Networks carried out the following works for Sand Le Mere Holiday Village to deliver a next generation Wi-Fi and fibre network.

  • Trenched 409M of 4inch micro trenching with our TK216 Trencher
  • Installed 409M of 63mm flexible ducting and pulled OS2 Fibre.
  • Terminated all fibre with LC connectors ready for BiDi SFP modules
  • Tested Fibre for faults and losses with Fluke OneSHOT pro
  • Installed 13 E500/501 Access points, and 3 Force200 backhauls
  • Installed a PMP2000 with 120Deg sector and GPS sync

A very productive 5 days for the Affinity Engineers I’m sure you will agree.

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