Why do you need a managed firewall service?

managed firewallRunning a firewall at the edge of your network is easy. Ensuring it’s configured correctly, monitored and updated in line with emerging threats is a different matter and often something overlooked by network admins. Once you start adding in BGP IP addressing, VRRP Failover, staff VPN access, VPN MPLS options and intrusion detection and prevention alerts it can quickly become compromised even with the best intentions of your staff.

We provide a fully managed firewall solution; We’ll supply you with the correct firewall, we will configure it in line with your security and business requirements and we’ll take full ownership of managing it for you: From WAN bandwidth utilisation reports to highlight usage and throughput issues through to Intrusion detection reports.

Enterprise class firewall technology

Affinity Managed Firewall services are designed based on your network activity and requirements, with a focus on access, performance and security. As part of the managed service that we deliver, the firewall is delivered to you fully configured and tested whilst the day-to-day maintenance and management activities are owned and supported by Affinity, all within a comprehensive Service Level Agreement.


Managed Firewall Key Benefits:

  • Remove the management and monitoring burden: free up resources and reduce overhead by leveraging our experts
  • Support compliance initiatives: meet requirements for perimeter security, access control and log analysis

To secure your network and protect your business continuity please contact us to discuss your requirements.