We’re qualified Mikrotik Consultants!

Mikrotik RouterOSMikrotik RouterOS , and the Mikrotik range of hardware is pretty much the most versatile, genuine competitor to the monopoly that is Cisco. Since 2009, we have been advocates of the Mikrotik RouterOS routers, using them in our own Datacenters as Firewalls, BGP Edge Routers, VPN Concentrators as well as deploying 5,000+ units across a diverse range of clients, from leading 5 star hotels to small, independent campsites in the role as Guest WiFi gateways, access points and fibre switches.

Our engineers are trained to the highest levels of Mikrotik Certification, MTCNA, MTCWE, MTCTCE, MTCRE and MTCINE so our field experience is backed up by certified exams. Something not covered in the Exams or any training is Mikrotik Scripting and you will not be surprised to learn that we have extensive experience of developing some pretty amazing scripts to really help you get the most from this versatile and powerful equipment.


Mikrotik RouterOS includes a very powerful scripting language based on LUA that further expands the power of the equipment opening up many other areas of interest that the Mikrotik can excel – be it as a 4G WiFi Router with daily limits to state of the art Guest WiFi or conference control platform.

We have written hundreds of Mikrotik scripts, installed on thousands of devices worldwide so whatever your requirements we are able to assist you in getting the most from your existing Mikrotik – advise you on an upgrade approach to switch from Cisco and other providers to the amazing performance and feature-set of the Mikrotik range.