Home From Home Residents WiFi

Our residents WiFi solutions enable a secure, home from home experience that supports multi-device, TV streaming and Xbox/PlayStation connectivity. An internal router allows both wired and wireless connectivity, whilst also transmitting 2 separate networks for Guest and Staff access.

Secure WPA Network

Normal Holiday Park networks utilise an open network connection that is insecure and open to hacking/sniffing of network traffic.

Our network provides each resident with their own, centrally managed SSID and Password ensuring there browsing is secure.

Legally Compliant WiFi

Our WiFi provision complies with the following legal directives in order to protect your brand, staff and guests.

  • Data Protection Act,
  • Data Retention Regulations 2009
  • Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Act 2001
  • Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000
  • Digital Economy Act 2010

Wired and Wireless Ports

The internal router transmits up to 3 different networks – Residents, Staff and a Guest Network for rental users. In addition, there are up to 4 wired ports available for direct connection of internet radio, Smart TVs and Games consoles.

The wired ports can be disabled by the platform administrator if required.

Cloud Managed

The Residents WiFi platform is also cloud managed, allowing centralised control and viewing of usage patterns, bandwidth control and troubleshooting.

Quickly see which devices are connected to the networks, signal strengths and connection duration. Change SSID and Passwords and enable and disable features such as the Guest Network or staff networks.