Static Caravan Park WiFi Solutions

Static Caravan Parks have significantly different requirements over touring and holiday parks – namely many of these vans are purchased and the owners often run their own businesses, stay longer on site and require more tradional WiFi and network services. In addition, there is often large capacity show halls that normal WiFi access points will struggle with.

Our solution incorporates Fibre runs to local breakouts around site, and the option of internal routers in each caravan for a home from home experience that customers are willing to pay for.

  • Home from Home service

    Allows guests to keep in touch, watch online TV and play games.

  • Suitable for business use.

    Allow owners to stay in touch with the office.

  • Provide VoIP and Heating Control

    Allow guests to run VoIP phones and use Nest and other online heating control systems.

Why trust Affinity for your Static Caravan Park WiFi?

  • Legally Compliant

    Conforms with all the latest regulations with regards to data security, lawful intercept and logging.

  • Monitored 24/7

    The WiFi platform is monitored by 24/7 cloud based systems.

  • Family Friendly

    Content Filtering as standard on all open/Guest networks.

  • Network Experts

    Indepth experience of all aspects of WiFi, Wired and Fibre topology networks.

  • Industry Experience

    We’ve been in this market for 10 years,

  • 2 Year Warranty

    Peace of mind from a 2 year warranty.

Full Coverage

Coverage indoors and out to ensure a consistant, high speed, low latency connection.

High Density

Special Access Points used in Function rooms and Bars to cope with many users. No upset kids!

Staff Network

A secure WPA encrypted network for staff access with unique login credentials.


Easily run CCTV and IOT devices across the network. Link up different buildings too!

Our Market Sectors

Our previous experience of Guest WiFi solutions spans 27 Countries, 1000’s of Venues and Millions of users, however due to the unique complexities of outdoor WiFi installations we have chosen Specialise in Holiday Parks and other outdoor locations such as: