Wi-Fi upgrade for Sand Le Mere Holiday Park

Bingo! A Full house yesterday the upgrade of the Complex WiFi at Sand Le Mere Holiday Park. 4 x Ruckus R310 access points across the arcade, show bar and cafe, new POE switch and our hosted vSCG provided a fast and reliable WiFi network. No more frustration trying to connect – everyone was a winner!

There is now an average of 201 concurrent users connected to the Wi-Fi in the complex during the peak 7:30 to 9:00pm period and yet guest connections and bandwidth throughput are faultless.

Why Ruckus Access Points?

We only utilise enterprise or carrier class equipment on our installations and there is no better make of access points (in our opinion) than the range of Ruckus manufactured by Ruckus Wireless.  We speak from experience too – having installed in excess of 10,000 Ruckus access points over the last 5 years, replacing units from Proxim, Zyxel, Ubiquiti, Cisco and HP/Colubris.

The units we pulled out were HP M110 single band access points, nicely hidden behind plasterboard so it was no wonder they couldn’t cope with more than 10 or so users at once.

The new R310’s were mounted with pride of place above the bars and below ceiling tiles in reception to ensure good, obstruction-less coverage. It also allows the venue staff to check power/status as they can now see the lights!

Whats a vSCG?

vSCG is an enterprise class cloud hosted WLAN controller.  In effect, its a management system for your access points that scans every 20 seconds for interference and changes channels to avoid conflicts.  It carries out band steering to try and move 2.4Ghz clients onto the less crowded 5Ghz network.    It allows for pre-emptive, zero handoffs roaming around the venue and collates statistics on the use of the network.

It also allows us to provide easy management of the network – adding and removing SSIDS, changing VLANS and WPA passwords etc.

If you want a proper WiFi network and happy guests at your Holiday park, please get in touch as we’d love to work with you.