Let us keep your WiFi Working with regular servicing.

Externally mounted WiFi components are exposed to some pretty harsh environments in the UK , especially as the majority of installations are usually found close the Sea. Salt water rapidly corrodes mounting brackets, bolts, jubilee clips which can quickly result in a dangerous installation. Furthermore, water ingress into antennas, pigtail and fly leads can seriously degrade the range of the equipment as well as creating shorts in the cables that will damage the radio cards.

What our WiFI Service Covers

Regular WiFi Servicing will keep your investment working well and more importantly, safe for your guests.


Assess all mounting poles, brackets, clips and fixings

  • replace any corroded fittings
  • Reseal Amalgamating tape
  • Clean Access Points


Check all cabling and connectors for electrical safety

  • Check for Earth
  • Check Enclosure
  • Inspect Crimps
  • Link Allignment


We will carry our a heatmap to show coverage over the venue.

  • Highlight Weak signal
  • Identify Interferrence
  • Bandwidth Check