Fibre Optic and Ethernet

Sometimes you need more than wireless to meet the requirements – we can deploy wired networks across your site using Fibre and Ethernet solutions. A wired solution allows for faster connections, higher bandwidth and is often utilised in combination with a Wireless network to ensure fast interconnects between areas of the venue. In addition, it allows us to provide service in heavily wooded location where line of sight is not possible.

Fibre and Ethernet

We’ll plan your network out and install all necessary Comms cabinets, Ethernet and Fibre links

  • Cabinet Installation
  • Trenching and Conduit
  • Redundant Fibre Links

10GB Capacity

Wired networks allow you to distribute upto 10Gbs around the park – enough for a small Town!

  • Fibre to the Cabinet
  • CAT 5/6 to the Premise
  • Supports Voip, CCTV and Internet

Home From Home

Allows Guests to access the internet at comparable speeds to home. An Internal WiFi router allows for full internal coverage and the connection of wired devices such as games consoles and smart TV’s.

  • Support TV Streaming
  • Connect Xbox and Playstations